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气密性封装器之可靠性测试条件和方法/Qualification test for components in hermetic packages

Stress Ref. Abbv. Conditions #Lots/SS per lot Duration/Accept
Temperature Cycling JESD22-A104 TC -55C ~ +125C or alternatives with Tj 3 Lots/25 units 700 cycles/0 fail
Bond Pull Strength M2011 BPS cHaracterization 1 lot/30 bonds/5 units Ppk>=1.66 or Cpk>=1.33
Bond Shear JESD22-B116 BS cHaracterization 1 lot/30 bonds/5 units Ppk>=1.66 or Cpk>=1.33
Solderability M2003
SD Characterization 3 Lots/22 leads 0 fail
Solder Ball Shear JESD22-B117 SBS Characterization 5 units 10 balls per unit
Mechanical Shock JESD22-B104
MS Y1 plane only, 5 pulses, 0.5ms duration, 1500g peak acceleration 3 lots/39 units Test after CA
Vibration Variable Frequency JESD22-B103
VVF 20 Hz to 2 kHz (log variaton) in>4 minutes, 4X in each orientation, 50 g peak acceleration Sequence from MS Test after CA
Constant Acceleration M2001 CA      
Gross/Fine Leak JESD22-A109
GFL Any fine test followed by gross test. May also be performed at the beginning of the mechanical sequence before mechanical shock test    
External Visual   EV      
Physical Dimensions   PD      
Lead Integrity   LI      
Lid Torque   LT      
Internal Wate Vapor MIL-STD-883
IWVC Residual Gas Analysis of Package Cavity Water Vapor Content 3 lots/1 unit Characterization
Tin Whisker Acceptance JESD22-A121 WSR Characterization per JESD201 See JESD201 See JESD201


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